"Remote Magnet Link Download" Service Instructions

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The remote magnet link download service allows you to remotely download magnet links and generate a temporary shared link once the download is completed.

Main Function:

This service is mainly intended to solve my personal problem of downloading magnet links. It may not be universally applicable.
My main need is to download resources through remote magnet links. The resources need to be downloaded in remote location A, but I am in location B.
Besides, accessing services in A is faster than anywhere else, whether in B or C. Therefore, once the download is complete in A, it needs to be uploaded to B so that resources can be accessed quickly in the future from B, C, or D.
(Obviously, if you want to use this service in A, the experience may be a bit poor, but it can still be used.)

As for what resources you might ask, I can only say that there are all kinds of resources, but I declare that they are all legal and comply with copyright requirements. Please don't be too harsh on a single person who is poor both materially and spiritually.

This service is easily misused. Therefore, without permission, you cannot see this service on the homepage.
Compared to Ffmpeg, which provides pure computing resources, it is unnecessary to publish this magnet download service without permission.

If you must ask, if you know the scenarios where this service can be misused, then you certainly know how to misuse it. I can only say, please don't be too harsh on a person who is poor both materially and spiritually. Anyway, I don't admit that I will misuse it.

Unlike Ffmpeg, with no permission, you cannot even see the forbidden symbol.
You can directly see it if you have permission.


Since this service is relatively internal, I will not spend too much effort on the UI and let ChatGPT write it directly. I'm even too lazy to tell ChatGPT that I can introduce Material UI.

However, it is still easy to use. You just need to enter the magnet link and click submit.
Please note that no loading or similar features are provided. Therefore, after clicking the submit button, the backend data will be automatically requested. However, it may seem like there is no response. Just wait for a while.

Then you need to wait for the remote server to download.
Please note that the progress update is not very frequent. Mainly because refreshing too much can cause lag.

Next, wait for the upload and the server to generate the access link.

Finally, after the upload is completed, there will be a shared link and password.

Known Issues:

  • Lack of virus scanning. This is the real "work in exchange for disaster relief." What a huge pit.
  • Binding server nodes. A small Infra issue. Currently, it is bound to K8s nodes.
  • User download limit. Currently, no download limit is set for users, but it will eventually be added.
  • Use of non-public infrastructure. The final shared link is not in the ".pub" domain but in ".online". This means that the service that generates the shared link does not belong to LifeAuto. I may start another one in the future.

Technical Details:

The remote download tool used is qBittorrent, and the final sharing tool used is Nextcloud. The middleware is Spring Boot + React to connect the two ends.

The reason for using qBittorrent is that it was the first one I successfully set up. Other tools are not as easy, and I don't have that much patience.
As for why I used Nextcloud instead of S3 or my own file service, the main reason is that I can do other automation on the client, and Nextcloud's sharing function is better.

Historical Background:

Recently, I was reading Harry Potter and talked about the movie (which may not be a Harry Potter movie) that I need to download remotely from a remote desktop in location A.

Then, after waiting for some time, I went back to see if it was downloaded. However, it's not easy to check the download progress. I can't just stare at the remote desktop with delays. Therefore, I need to transfer it over.

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